About Us

"I Never Dreamed About Success, I worked For It" – Estee Lauder

Startup Look is an initiative to help the startups to mature in the market.

Startup Look is a Market place for, to the start-ups, for the start-ups and by the start-ups.

Startup Look is a platform or a startup forum, where it connects all the start-ups, where all the startups founders come together, to help each other, by using each other’s product and services and help each other to grow in the industry

Startup Look also tries to create an absolute affiliation among all the Startup’s founders who are in need of funding with Investors. Startup Look also look upon the strategies that will take a boost up actions for startups in order to grow and for better synergy. Startup Look wants to create an opportunity for all the startup founders to Connect-Progress-Succeed.

One of the main objective of Startup Look is to connect International startups founders from European Countries, UK, USA, Singapore, Dubai to Indian startup founders for better synergies.

Growing together is the soul motive of Startup Look. As It Says "Let’s grow together"

How Does It Work?

Entrepreneurs have 1-2 minutes to pitch their idea/story to the Investors and founders/delegates. Entrepreneurs also have chance of getting funded by investors.

Entrepreneurs will also discuss and exchange idea on how Startup Look should work to help the new startups to get connected with other startups and help them to grow in the industry strategically and operationally, in the progressive thinking Session. Entrepreneur will have a chance to interact with other follow founders for better synergies to help each other to grow in the industry.

We are looking for great stories, A-ha moments, innovation and disruption

The need for a platform like Startup Look!!!

India has truly become startup nation since 2010 and has become a home to a new breed of young startups. In the past 1 year, startups have grown by 40% and expected to cross 5100 by the end of 2017. The Indian entrepreneurial spirit is ever rising like never before and growing at a rate of 10%-12% on YOY and it is projected that by 2020, there will be 11,500 Startups. But a lot of them fail because of various reasons. Startup Look is a platform where it will support startups in the initial stages by connecting startups with other startups, make a platform where startups help each other to grow in the industry.


Mohammad Zuhair Valki


Abdul Qayyum Valki